StreamitupMNG - Video Content Management in the cloud

StreamitupMNG - Video Content Management in the cloud


StreamitupMNG is a video content management solution. It enables organizations to manage recorded video content and live video communication in a uniform environment.

StreamitupMNG supports hierarchical as well as flat structure database types. The education and training sectors find the hierarchical structure optimal for courses. Companies and businesses find it optimal for departments, branches and other organizational units.

StreamitupMNG handles the following video content management tasks:

  • Creating a video channel per department, course, subject, etc.
  • Allocating channels to resources such as meeting rooms, training facilities, auditoriums, and even personal laptops for self-contributors.
  • Real time system monitoring.
  • Inserting Metadata per channel, session, lesson, etc.
  • Search engine for fast database navigation.
  • Statistics engine per video clip, user, channel, date or their combination.
  • Virtual channels for creating new content groups (playlists) without having to move even a single file.
  • Accessing privilege engine for content access.
  • Data flow management.
  • A Scheduling engine that provides several automation levels for scheduling automatic recording and live sessions from end point clients.

StreamitupMNG provides a uniform environment for recorded content (V.O.D) as well as for live video interaction (Video Conference).

StreamitupMNG -  Video Content Management in the cloud