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The Streamitup platform supplies a unique combination between advanced capabilities to manage live interactive sessions, together with the recording of abundant content.

Streamitup Web Conference enables recording and live interactive discussions between up to 25 participants, including sharing of video, audio, text and computer desktop.



• The initiator of the discussion selects the relevant content channel to which the discussion will be attributed.

• The discussion that is recorded and streaming live includes: Video, audio, computer desktop and textual chat.
• Each of the participants can see and hear all other participants, in addition to the content streaming by the presenter.
• The meeting is transmitted in real time via the Streamitup Cloud to the distant participants, which are logged in to the content channel.
• The presenter can see the list of participants and determines and authorizes who can join the discussion.


image003Expansion of the boundaries of the organization
Managers and employees are situated at different times in various locations. In a dynamic organization it is important to enable high quality video communications for every employee at any time and from everywhere.
Streamitup Web Conferencing enables each employee to connect to the content channel by means of the Organizational Video Cloud and to manage an online video meeting with the relevant group of participants.
Lively participation of the participants in the discussion
Video, audio and chat interaction between all participants in the discussion facilitates a dynamic and effective meeting, in which each participant can express himself in the manner he prefers (video, audio, text and graphics).

 Simple Operation

The presenter selects the relevant content channel. The system automatically synchronize, broadcast and record the variety of content that in use, including camera, microphone, presentations, files and links.
During the course of the discussion, the system generates a visual summary and extracted text of the meeting, package all the content and upload it to the Organizational Cloud. By using Streamitup In-Video-Search technology the uploaded videos content will automatically become searchable. 


All meetings are recorded and can be viewed. The discussion can be continued after the live session ended via the content channel.

Discussion Follow Up

During the discussion the participants note their comments in a virtual synchronized notebook. These comments are saved in the personal area, and constitute a basis for subsequent discussions and actions.

  The Streamitup Web Conferencing solution facilitates online meetings with multiple participants in an easy and convenient manner

• The presenter connects to the relevant content channel in the Organizational Portal from his personal computer and can see the list of viewers who are connected. (See picture).
• The presenter broadcasts in real time: Video, audio and the computer desktop to all connected viewers.
• The presenter receives requests to join the discussion and can approve or deny it. 
• The meeting can be broadcast simultaneously to hundreds of viewers with textual chat participation.
• Dozens of active participants can be added simultaneously to the video call.
• The presenter can send files and links to distant viewers and participants.
• The meeting is automatically recorded and saved on the relevant content channel and is available for viewing and for continuation of the discussion.
The Organizational Video Management system facilitates easy, hierarchical definition, and control of all content documentation and live meetings.

• During live meeting viewers can view and hear all participants in the meeting, as well as the presenter.
• The participants take part in a discussion based on interchange of video, audio and texts between them, according to the decision of the presenter.
• Participants and the presenter can open up private communications channels during the course of the meeting.
• Each participant or viewer can note his comments during the meeting. The system will synchronize and save these comments at the appropriate points in time.
• Every comment can be shared with the other participants during the discussion or subsequently.
• After the meeting ends the viewers can connect to the relevant content channel in the Organizational Video Portal,
• All the content from the meeting will be accessible; each participant selects the manner of display convenient for him.


Streamitup Web Conferencing_copy