Streamitup Enterprise-Class Digital Media Suite: Collect, Manage, Collaborate, Consume


Unique Multi-Source Video Capture, synch, Manage, Share and Interact solution


Streamitup develops and markets innovative suite of generic products that handles all aspects of lecture capture production and may be used for any multi source video capture use. The offered, Cloud based, platform automatically captures all multimedia materials such as audio, video, Powerpoint, office document, PDF, black/whiteboard and the lecturer with his body language. Education institutes and training centers, enterprises, government,security and municipalities etc. can now dynamically share information Live (online) or as E.O.D (Education On Demand) and create an electronic knowledge center.

Streamitup develops unique solutions for the automatic documentation and distribution of complex multimedia content. The solution is designed for education institutes, research entities, companies etc. that manage an array of lessons, instructions, and various multimedia knowledge resources.

In Streamitup systems, the recording, storage and broadcasting of the various sources of information are all performed automatically. User may select whether the information will be carried out online (synchronously), and/or saved to the organization’s course database, to be accessible any time and from anywhere (Asynchronously).

In addition:
A virtual, chat-based classroom, which enables management of discussion groups on the subjects of the relevant course.

A distributed solution, which enables adding end points at any stage, and to augment the capabilities of the system dynamically, according to the changing needs of the organization.

The system architecture is scalable and may support unlimited ammount of input facilities and participants.

Easy and simple integration with entrprise portals and LMS (Learning Management Systems).

Streamitup solutions are based on unique patents, which provide convenient and intuitive management tools and powerful, yet easy to use knowledge consumption and research user interface.

Platform components are modular and includes:

  • Thamse

    Streamitup Thamse Smart automatic video camera capture eliminates the need for a Human video camera man. Video analytics analyzes the lecturer activities and decides what and how to capture the event in order to bring to the viewer, the most valuable content at each point.

  • Colorado

    Each event may include multiple knowledge resources and Streamitup Colorado Orchestrator automatically synchronizes all.

  • Seine

    Streamitup Seine makes huge video based knowledge databases  accessable in a smart way in order to allow viewers indepth research of content using intuitive user interface.

  • Danube

    Large multi-source video databases must have a management tool. Streamitup Danube delivers easy yet powerful web based management environment.

  • Rhine

    SMB and large enterprises with limited video-based knowledge database needs may use Streamitup Rhine as a stand a lone solution which includes basic features and more

  • .

  • Jordan

    Streamitup Jordan provides a unique full two-way synchronious video class conference. Like a tandem definition. remote and main event hall act as one entity giving participants a sense of belonging. (The feeling of real pertinence)

  • Pacific

    Streamitup Pacific is the perfect solution for MOOCs injection. Using a combination of Streamitup's advanced automatic technologies and unique features enable institutes to dynamically build a MOOC widely accessable knowledge database.

StreamItUp solutions are Cloud based

Streamitup Cloud may serve large ammount of distributed locations with tens of thousends of end users.

"Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci 

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