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Automatically create, manage and share educational video content from any place, at any time, using any device. Synchronous and VOD content are fully supported
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Instantly collaborate, communicate and share your ideas, expertise and knowledge via your public or private video channels on the corporate tube
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Public Safety

Public Safety
Streamitup Cloud enables public safety and medical service organizations immediate video, audio, data and text communication between control room and teams in the field
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Welcome To Streamitup

The Streamitup platform delivers a complete range of cloud based knowledge sharing solutions via rich video.

Any type and size of organization can deploy the relevant video sharing solution directly from the Streamitup cloud without investing in expensive dedicated hardware or network infrastructure upgrades.

Streamitup delivers turnkey solutions for the higher education and training sectors as well as for corporations, healthcare and public safety organizations.

Educational institutions, corporations and businesses use the Streamitup cloud to instantly meet their video sharing needs. From individual use for recording sessions via WebConference and VideoConference for remote team meetings, to a corporate "YouTube" and a state of the art Lecture Capture system.

Public safety and emergency healthcare authorities use Streamitup technology to connect teams in the field with command and control rooms. Streamitup solutions for the public safety sector enable real-time live video, audio and data communication from mobile devices, and sharing critical video information between all participants. In addition to live communication, the control room can record, tag and index the live event for future use.

All Streamitup solutions include the StreamitupMNG application that handles all aspects of managing both live and recorded rich video content.

Streamitup technologies and pending patents provide solutions to practical problems in the video sharing area. These technologies include:

  • Virtual Cameraman that can replace a human cameraman for lecture capture automation. 
  • In-Video-Search that makes presentation video content searchable. . In-Video-Search supports both live and recorded video content. 
  • Personal Virtual Zoom that enables users to benefit from Full HD and 4K resolution in lower resolution screens, and to zoom and focus on the relevant area in the video 
  • Virtual Video Editor that enables "non-video professionals" to virtually edit video content without downloading and uploading large video files.
  • Automatic aggregation and flow control of video knowledge in the organization.
  • A Scheduling engine to define when, where and what content should be recorded and or streamed live to remote participants
  • A Visual Indexing engine that automatically creates synchronous thumbnails of the recorded or live session from any displayed content. Viewers can easily navigate the recorded content by clicking the relevant thumbnail.
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